Lio Piccolo by bicycle

The best way to discover the corner of paradise of the Venice Lagoon.


Discovering Lio Piccolo

An evocative landscape

Lio Piccolo is a micro-village in the Northern Lagoon of the Municipality of Cavallino-Treporti. It is a unique place in the world for the peculiarity of the lagoon environment, the natural richness and its evocative landscapes.

It is located a few steps from the center of Treporti and can be easily reached from Jesolo by car, by bicycle or by water from the historic center of Venice and the Lido.

Let yourself be inspired

An earthly paradise

Strips of land suspended in the lagoon, reflections of light in the water and an almost “heavenly” silence, make the discovery of Lio Piccolo the perfect mix between the relaxation of an outdoor trip and the freshness of discovering the new. An experience to have at least once!


A unique place in the world

The uniqueness and beauty of the lagoon landscapes, as well as the presence of numerous cycle paths, have made Lio Piccolo and Cavallino-Treporti an UNESCO World Heritage Site . Between suggestive scenery, archaeological sites and the sighting of some rare wild species, those who travel along Lio Piccolo know well that this land, due to its natural and cultural variety, always offers something more!

And what better way to experience it than by bicycle? Cavallino-Treporti has a rich selection of itineraries and cycle paths that allow you to discover the area and enjoy the uniqueness of the lagoon panorama in one breath. In short, a real “little treasure chest” for lovers of cycling and nature!


Via degli orti

Via degli Orti is the cycle route that runs along Lio Piccolo. The route starts from the Pordelio Bridge and runs alongside the entire embankment up to the square. It is a tour suitable for the mild climate of May and September, with enchanting scenery among vegetable gardens and the unmistakable beauty of pink flamingos!

Wide choice of itineraries

Cavallino-Treporti presents a wide variety of choice of cycle itineraries. Whether you prefer a simple or more complex route, to discover the flora and fauna of the lagoon or breathtaking sunsets, you will find the tour best suited to you!


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