What to see

“It is the journey that gives value to the destination” And can we talk about a “journey” without mentioning its “stages”? Lio Piccolo’s bike route offers numerous ideas for visiting archaeological, cultural and natural sites, a true naturalistic guide to discover a unique territory in the world. So let’s see the stages and the most interesting things to do that the route offers!


Not to be missed

  • Visit the Church of Santa Maria della Neve and the Bell Tower of Lio Piccolo;
  • Enjoy a spectacular sunset in the lagoon;
  • Meet pink flamingos and go birdwatching;
  • Greet the inhabitants (did you know they are only 22?);
  • Get lost in the most hidden places of the route;
  • Try typical products such as stewed cuttlefish, “castraure”, jujubes, “moeche” and fried vegetables!

An authentic territory

  • The Thursday market in Treporti;
  • Discover fabulous wildlife;
  • Go to the fishing valleys;
  • Visit the Palazzetto Boldù;
  • Visit the “Fragments of the lagoon” exhibition;
  • Visit the Diffused Museum;
  • And of course…cycling along the Via degli Orti!

In short, discovering the Lio Piccolo area by bike
is truly a 360° experience!