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Cavallino-Treporti, named a cycling municipality by the FIAB (Italian Environment and Bicycle Federation), presentsa wide variety of choices of cycle itineraries and routes,thus offering a truly space made for cyclists! Whether you prefer a simple or more complex route, to discover the flora and fauna of the lagoon or breathtaking shows and sunsets, in Cavallino-Treporti you will certainly find the cycle route best suited to you. Take a look at the different itineraries. The choice is yours!


Via del Tramonto

A breathtaking experience with the sunset in the lagoon in the background ! During the trip you can see the islands of Burano, Torcelloand Sant’Erasmo. Bring a camera: if you’re lucky, you can take spectacular photos of a fiery sky!

Via dei Forti

A real open-air museum circuit that links the 200 fortifications dating back to the 19th/20th century. A route with a historical and cultural character where it is also possible to visit the Batteria Amalfi and the restored Batteria Pisani, which today is a museum!


Via delle 3 Acque

The Via delle 3 Acque takes its name from the three water environments that characterise the route: the fresh water of the river Sile, the water of Lagoon and the one of Adriatic Sea. This route is perfect for a bike ride immersed in tranquility and unique landscape views in the world!


Via Pordelio

Don’t miss the new cycle path of Via Pordelio, the brand new cycle-pedestrian path cantilevered over the lagoon, the longest one in Europe! A panoramic route, one of a kind, which allows you to better explore the lagoon habitat. Perfect for a ride with friends or the whole family!